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America’s Nonprofits Brace for Tough 2010



On March 22, the Nonprofit Finance Fund released a survey of more than 1,300 nonprofit leaders in markets nationwide, finding that nonprofits expect 2010 to be an increasingly challenging year as the economic recovery has not yet reached people in need or the organizations that serve them.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Nearly 90 percent expect 2010 to be as difficult or more difficult than 2009; only 12 percent expect 2010 to be financially easier for their organizations
  • While 80 percent of nonprofits anticipate an increase in demand for services in 2010, just 49 percent expect to be able to fully meet this demand level
  • 35 percent of organizations ended 2009 with an operating surplus;  Only 18 percent of organizations expect to end 2010 above break-even
  • 61 percent of organizations have less than three months of cash available; 12 percent have none.

Hopefully, the Labor Department’s monthly report on employment – expected to come out later this week – will show the significant national job growth that many economists are predicting, and give all of us a sign that recovery is on the way for the many people who rely on the nonprofit sector during this period of economic uncertainty.


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